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K+12: A Road To Success?

Every one of us has the right to be given with a good system of Education. As a response of the government, K+12 was implemented. As a system to add 2 years in the curriculum, kindergarten in elementary level and a 1 year to high school level. But is K+12 beneficial?

Many of the teachers said that K+12 were 1 good response of the government to improve the quality of Education to the Filipino children. According to them, student can hunt jobs easily even they’ll not school for college because they will be given a TESDA Certificate as evidence they are ready trained for that curtained jobs. Our government the K+12 system as the sole solution to the low quality of Education here in Philippines. The students will be given the good and advanced learning in various areas provided with technologies.

In the other hand, people do not agree to this program. According to them, the government should focused first in building classrooms and distributions of books which are the primary problems of our generations. When I interviewed my neighborhood, she said “Even a high school can hunt for a good job, the hard work and persistence are only the key to succeed in life”.

As a conclusion, K+12 is a help of our government to give as a good quality of Education. It is in ourselves to work and study hard to graduate and have a good life in the future.


DREESMNHS 2012 SSG Election

       DREESMNHS 2012 SSG Election

         The SSG Comelec MEMBERS CONDUCTED THE “2012 SSG ELECTION”  last February 23, 2012, 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon . Two parties competed for the SSG positions namely NYMP with their president Reque Sabanal, and CLICKERS with their president James Kevin Quimbo.

          During the meeting de Avance each candidates answered the questions smartly of how they could brought some changes in our school.Supporters of each parties cheered out .But however, sportmanship was felt by the candidates .

           After the election most of the winners came from the NYMP led by Mr. Reque  Sabanal. They have  a close percentage of votes. However a warm congratulations to each candidates who were elected as the newly SSG National officials.