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Clean and Green Project of the 2011 SSG Officials


“Cleanliness is next to Godliness” 2011 SSG Officials always believed in that motto! Cleanliness is a major problem not only in our school but to the whole Dinagat as well. The garbage which scattered everywhere leads to big problems like Global Warming. DREESMNHS student were not practiced with a good self-discipline. Garbage here, Garbage there! What a dirty placed DREESMNHS is!!

As a moved, SSG Officials leaded by the SSG President Jovelito Nayga implemented the “Clean and Green Project Trashcans and Compost pit” with various kinds: BIODEGRADABLE, NON- BIODEGRADAVLE, TOXIC and RECYCLABLE. It is such a good program by the SSG National Officials and Administration to help maintain Cleanliness in our school and to practiced recycling.

They believed that self- discipline is always the key to all problems in our school. If we will cooperate actively and we will be disciplinarians, there’s no problems that can’t be solved. DREESMNHS student, Be Environmental Friendly!



As an action for the alarming issue about deforestation, DREESMNHS decided to conduct a Tree Planting activity which will be held in Quarenta, San Jose, DInagat Islands.

The Tree Planting Activity will be participated by the students of DREESMHNS as well as the teaching staffs of the school.The first schedule is on March 12, 2012 to be participated by the Freshmen Council. Followed by the Sophomore Council on March 15, 2012.March 16 for the Junior Council and March 19 for the Senior Council.

The said affair will be sponsored by the  Department of Environment and Natural Resources. This is to support the Clean and Green Program which have been implementing by province.

DREESMNHS 2012 SSG Election

       DREESMNHS 2012 SSG Election

         The SSG Comelec MEMBERS CONDUCTED THE “2012 SSG ELECTION”  last February 23, 2012, 1:00-3:00 in the afternoon . Two parties competed for the SSG positions namely NYMP with their president Reque Sabanal, and CLICKERS with their president James Kevin Quimbo.

          During the meeting de Avance each candidates answered the questions smartly of how they could brought some changes in our school.Supporters of each parties cheered out .But however, sportmanship was felt by the candidates .

           After the election most of the winners came from the NYMP led by Mr. Reque  Sabanal. They have  a close percentage of votes. However a warm congratulations to each candidates who were elected as the newly SSG National officials.

NYMP’S Selorio says “YES TO SPORTS”

When asked last Thursday by Leonard Dela Torre on how she can convince students in avoiding drugs and committing crimes, NYMP’s vice-presidentiable says “YES TO SPORTS”.

“When adolescents are into physical activities, of course they will give all their time to it. Through this, they can avoid engaging into drugs and committing crimes.”

The last sports-related program that the SSG implemented was the project CLEAR in SY 2009-2010. Unfortunately, the participation rate of the students rapidly decreased through the months.

“If our school only have the money to buy enough sports facilities, I think students will be more encouraged to stay here and study.”

SSG COMELEC, PRESS CLUB Hosts 2012 Meting De Avance

The school’s SSG COMELEC and PRESS Club hosted this year’s most anticipated school government affair next to the SSG Election, the Miting De Avance.

The said event was hosted by Commisioner Jaymega Paradero and Ang Simoy’s Editor in Chief, Jaffie Lu Morales both students of III-A.

The highlight of the said event was the one on one interview between the different parties by the school’s campus journalists.

The competition is between New Youth Mover’s Party (NYMP) and the Circle of Leaders, Intensifying & Cooperating Knowledge towards Excellence Reform Students & School ,  (CLICKERS).

After the candidates introduced themselves,the one on one interview was then conducted.

The first  interview was between the two presidentiables, NYMP’s Reque Sabanal (III-E) and CLICKERS’ James Kevin Quimbo (III-A) who were interviewed by The Breeze’s EIC, Arthur Nino Colanggo (IV-A).

It was then followed by Leonard dela Torre’s (IV-A) interview with the candidates for the Vice-President position, NYMP’s Vhaleree Selorio (III-A) and CLICKERS’ Catherine Brizo (II-SSC).

After the presidentiables and vice-presidentiables were interviewed, the year- level representatives then followed.

NYMP’s Juvenlen Lumod (I-A) and CLICKERS’ Nikki Rabe (I-SSC) were asked about how they will encourage students to be more environmental-friendly by John Collen Landazabal (IV-A).

Kyle Ecleo of NYMP and Priscilla Irosido of CLICKERS on the other hand was asked about how they will promote the school to other students by Arthur Colanggo.

The last to be interviewed were Rodulfo Laurente of NYMP and Rasel Asilo of CLICKERS. The question that was thrown to them was how they can encourage their schoolmates and classmates to participate more in every school affair by Jaffie Morales.

The election will be on the 23rd of February for year level 1 to 3 and the 27th for the Senior students.